My water problem got temporarily solved by yesterday’s snow.

sheep grazing in snow-2551

The sheep will happily eat snow to meet their hydration needs, so I don’t need to haul water to refill their drinking station.  The flip side — there’s always a flip side, eh? — is that the grass disappears and I no longer have much idea how the grazing is going.  It’s harder to tell how much the flock has eaten, so I’m not sure when to move them, and I lose my ability to gauge the size of their next grazing rotation.  I’ve gotten to the point where I can usually look at a section of pasture and know how big I need to make the electronet enclosure so the sheep will have half a day of forage.  But now with snow-induced amnesia, I’m trying in vain to remember what the grass looked like (despite staring at it for hours every day…), and my estimating abilities diminish considerably. All I can do is make an educated guess and come back half a day later to see if the sheep look full.