Bravo arrived almost exactly a year ago, 11 months old and a bit of a wild child.  I’ve worked hard on helping him to calm down (minimal success) and teaching him some manners (moderate success).  He’s now very good at sitting before he gets a meal, and he sometimes remembers that I want him to sit before I’ll give him attention.  He still insists on peeing on anything of value, including his food bowl, the sheep water, and especially any new hay.  I’ve worked hardest on trying to convince him not to jump on me, as he is tall and strong enough to take me down (based on firsthand experience); this in particular seems to be a hard thing for him to learn, e.g., from the other night:

sheep on baleage 20171121-2761 Bravo jumping-1 Bravo jumping-2

His antics mostly don’t endear him to the sheep, though they are not so afraid of his as they were at first.  Cleo, on the other hand, has won their trust.

Cleo with ewe-2635

I’m trying hard not to be like my second grade teacher, who often expressed frustration that little girls were so nice, and why couldn’t the little boys be more like them?  People have warned me that Bravo probably still has another year of idiocy in him before he starts to grow up; I hope they’re right that it’s only a year, and that it’s a fast one.