When Bill and I brought his lambs here on Saturday, it left him with an empty farm for the first time in many years.  He figured that his guardian dog, Luna, wouldn’t be very happy with no one to guard, so he brought her, too.

Luna arrives-3675

Luna is a maremma, like Bravo, but she’s a little peanut compared to him.  While she’s getting used to life at my place, we figured it would be better if she had a real fence keeping her in, so she’s hanging out with one of the cheviot breeding groups for the moment.  It also gives her a chance to get comfortable being here before I introduce her to Bravo and Cleo.  Luna has worked with other LGDs most of her life, so we’re assuming that she’ll fit in with the gang, but fingers crossed.


She came with her own housing, a well-used calf hutch that the sheep seem more interested in than Luna does.

Luna arrives-3686


Luna has taken more of an early liking to me than I expected, since she’s 8 years old and very used to Bill.  She has the same guardian-dog lean that Bravo does, but she catches me at knee level, while Bravo tries to take me out at the hip.  She’ll be with us for about 6 months, and I’m really looking forward to getting to know her.