Today was my second installment of the Border Collie Development Project.  Pearl’s pups are now 15 days old, their eyes are open, and they no longer look like guinea pigs.

Pearl's pups day 15-3358

Their eyes opened a couple of days ago, but they don’t seem to be using them for much yet.  They’ve grown enough that poor Pearl looks like she’s completely overrun.

Pearl's pups day 15-3389

For reference, this was the scene 11 days ago:

Pearl and pups 20171122-2846

Kate reports that Pearl is ravenous, but I can’t imagine there are enough calories in the world for her to keep up.  The cute factor seems to be more than keeping pace with the puppies’ growth, though.

Pearl's pups day 15-3375


I was very happy to hear that Denise Leonard, friend and herding instructor, is going to get a puppy from this litter as well.  It will be very helpful to be raising puppies from the same litter in parallel, and since Denise wants a female (as does Kate), I’m freed of having to choose the sex of my pup, as only males are left.  Now if only Kate and Denise would tell me which one of the boys I should choose…