The morning after Mr. Fancy Ram arrived I moved him into the barn.  I was planning to leave him there for a week or so in quarantine, to make sure he didn’t come with pneumonia or anything nasty like that.  Then I’d move the Cheviot ram into the barn with him so they could get acquainted.  Rams tend to challenge one another by butting heads after getting a running start; sometimes they kill one another this way.  If you put them together in a tight space, they can’t get enough momentum to do real damage, and after a week or two, they generally decide that they can live together in peace.


All these plans were suspended this morning when Fancy Ram defenestrated himself, butting his way through 2 panes of glass and out a second-floor window to the driveway below.  I was standing right behind him when he jumped and looked out the window expecting to see a pile of broken ram.  Instead, he landed on his feet and took off running.  My reflexes were insufficient to photographing his escape, but here’s the aftermath:

ram escape-9178

Once I realized Mr. FR had survived the drop, I had visions of him taking off for Keene, but instead he headed for some nice green grass next to the lambing pasture.  I opened the gate to the Fortress, and Cass and I managed to nudge him into the field with the lambs.  I watched to see if he and the Cheviot would immediately go into battle, but everything seemed calm, and at this point my fear of a fight was outweighed by my relief at not having to chase Mr. Fancy all over New Hampshire.

ram escape-9182He and the Cheviot checked each other out, but no fireworks.

ram escape-9184