Bravo go to go on a road trip today.

Bravo in truck-7645

I wasn’t sufficiently organized to realize that he was due for his rabies vaccine when the veterinarian was at the farm doing ultrasounds, so my friend Bob helped me load him into the back of the little truck and off we went to Walpole, NH.  When I brought Bravo here from NY, he had a terrible time, carsick and anxious for the entire trip.  I’m not sure what changed, but he seemed like an expert traveler this time, never losing his good humor.

Bravo in truck-7657

While at the vet’s office, I learned that he weighs 89 lbs (less than I would have guessed, but still twice a coyote), is completely indifferent to needle sticks (a good thing, since I’m giving him booster vaccines in 3 weeks), and is utterly undone by linoleum floors (which left him trembling in fear).  When we got home, he was very happy be back on proper farm dirt, and seemed genuinely enthusiastic to be reunited with his sheep.  Bit by bit, we’re making progress.