Bravo sheep pen-4530

Bravo usually greets me at the bottom gate when I get home, desperate for some human company after a day spent with his sheep.  Today, though, no Bravo.  I looked around and saw him in the pen with the ram and two ewes; Bravo did not seem pleased with his condition.  With apologies to Marc Maron, I’m tempted to start a new blog and call it WTF with Farm Animals.  I have no idea why Bravo was penned with the ram…  He’s certainly capable of jumping the panels forming the pen, but why would he do it in the first place? And then why wouldn’t he jump out again when he was done with whatever lured him in?  We got a light dusting of snow overnight, so I could see that no one had been in the driveway, and there were no footsteps besides mine up to the field.  So WTF?  I suspect this won’t be the last.