And today I started feeding round bales to the main flock as well.

sheep on baleage 20171121-2722

By evening, they had made a significant dent.

sheep on baleage 20171121-2781

I’m not sure if sheep appreciate sunsets the way Bill claims they appreciate views, but their shepherd does.

sheep on baleage 20171121-2746

Until the chaos of breeding season arrives in 10 days, my sheep-related workload will be much smaller now that we’ve exhausted the farm’s grass.  I’ll still bring food to the big dogs and water for everyone, but the twice-daily rituals of fence wrestling are over for now.  That should mean that I can now devote more time to cutting and splitting firewood, organizing the barn, preparing wool for sale, marketing next year’s lambs, and a couple dozen other things, but I might just be a little unproductive for a few days.